Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Another series with one of my favourite photographers' - Sheryl! This was a random photoshoot just to promote sponsored clothing she received haha! Loving it either way 

Kimono Cardigan : @starlightshop15 on Instagram / Top : @bashclothing_ on Instagram / Shorts : thrifted / Sandals : Agape Boutique

Make up by : Beatrice Leong
Photo credits to : Sheryl Ng (@_theleftside on Instagram) 


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Second Anniversary

Another 365 days have passed since Sheng Wei & I celebrated our first year together. I can't believe we're already at year 2. It's crazy how time flies and I'm still so madly in love with him. 

Got picked up by this cutie at Raz's place after school with a bouquet of fresh roses and adorable gifts. Loving the Lush products he got his brother to bring back from the UK for me. All the lovely scents *_* Not to mention the cute little handwritten card 

We got home and I surprised him with a personalised puzzle with our picture on it & a jar of love notes. His reaction to it was adorable as he figured out how our faces ended up on a puzzle :p

It was surprises after surprises. He added a new charm to my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet while I was busy getting ready for the night. The airplane charm symbolises how much I love & long to travel around the world. It's beautiful! Each charm represents something and I love it 

Dinner venue was a surprise but I took a wild guess and got it right the first time :p we were heading to Cantaloupe, Troika Sky Dining for dinner.

The food was worth every cent. Both of us enjoyed our meal there very much. My Duck Confit was especially delicious and so were the oysters. Definitely heading back there some other time. Ambiance was beautiful. We had a great view of KLCC and a nice space to ourselves.

It went from day to night real quick. The city lit up like a christmas tree and it was beautiful. 

Playing around in the lift because the lighting was nice :p 

Next stop, surprise dessert venue?

Thirty8, Grand Hyatt. 
Had their Signature Cake & Broken Cheese Cake. The ambiance was perfect. We had a couch to ourselves and cuddled over comfort food. It was a perfect end to our night. 

When you're vain af and your boyfriend gives in by taking pictures of you hehe 

I had such a great time and I was so happy. I can't believe we made it to 2 years. #TEAMSWZ :p Fell in love with someone who loves & takes care of me like no other.  SOOOooOooooo much love *_* Thanks for always having my back & supporting me throughout everything I do. 

Happy Anniversary,
I love you 

Photo credits to : Sheng Wei, waiters & concierge 


Thursday, 2 April 2015


Did some creative work with Sheryl last weekend and I swear she's always exceeding my expectations. Loving this new series! Honestly didn't think I'd pull it off but it turned out great! Kudos to my bbgs Sheryl & Bea for the amazing photography & really creepy make up 

Photography by : Sheryl Ng
Make up by : Beatrice Leong

Check Sheryl's latest work out!
Instagram : @theleftside_ 


Monday, 30 March 2015

Someone Special Turns 19

Last week, on the 26th of March Sheng Wei turned 19! It was 2 days after I came back from Aussie and I had so little time to work anything out. Thankfully, I managed to plan a mini surprise for his birthday and it was funny how he didn't suspect or expect anything at all :p 

We had plans for dinner with his family but I decided that birthdays only come once a year and dinner is never enough in my opinion :p 

I didn't have class for the last two periods so I went to his place and decorated his room with heart shaped balloons & filled it with little gifts I got for him from Australia. 

So it went a little something like this...

His college ended late on that particular day. I told him that I was having my tuition early instead of at night since I left school early. I told him that one of my friends would drop me off at his house later on and he believed. He took his sweet time from college back home since he didn't have to pick me up. Little did he know, I was already in his room filling balloons with air, writing little love notes and pasting them all over his room with gifts on the side. He called me saying he was on the way home and I told him I was already at his place. I gave it a bit of time before calling & "crying" to him on the phone haha! I told him I went upstairs to leave my bags in his room and I wasn't sure how but the huge scissors on his table fell on my feet and I was bleeding badly :p Not sure how he pictured the scenario but he rushed home as soon as he could. From a 30 minute drive home to 15 minutes (uh-may-zing)! He ran upstairs and opened the door wide, only to find me uninjured and full of surprises :p

Cake by @VBBAKES on Instagram 

It made me really happy that he was unaware of the surprise at all and that he was so happy to come home to this :) 

 I'm glad I made your day boo! Love you, always.


Friday, 27 March 2015


I did a shoot with Husaini a long while ago but I wasn't allowed to publish the photos until his exhibition was all wrapped up. I'm pretty excited to share these photos because it was something new to me and I found it really cool how his photography & editing skills were crazy good! 

It was quite challenging because I'd have to be in the shot with a white cloth over me and I had to stay really still after I posed. After the first shot, I had to run away from the frame asap so that Husaini could capture the same frame but without me in it. The outcome is amazing! Not sure how it's even possible to do such wonders to a photograph but I love it! This was in the same haunted house from the previous shoot I did with him. I was actually kinda scared because I was modelling as the ghost and the house was huge & abandoned.. ironic and kinda creepy :p 

Check Husaini out on :
Instagram : Husaini Mustapha
VSCO Grid : Husaini Mustapha 


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

See The World Through My Eyes : Australia, Queensland 15' (Part 2)

The next day, we left from Hervey Bay back to my uncle's place in Redland Bay.

Sunnies : H&M / Shirt : Cotton On / Bottom : FOREVER 21 / Sandals : Vincci

Stopped by River Heads for some sightseeing. 
River Heads is a ferry terminal for ferries from the main island to Fraser Island.

On the way, there were some small boutiques in the town centre and I bought two halter neck cropped tops from a boutique called ICE. 2 for 10AUD! STEAL!

On the way, we stopped by Rainbow Bay for lunch.
We also attempted to look for Mother Nature's best kept secret - a small part of the beach with a blow hole & actual rainbow coloured sand.

Sadly, tourist maps and google didn't help. We got lost hiking up and down some random trail behind the houses by the beach. It was terrible haha we were not dressed for such a hike and my sandals almost fell apart :(

Had lunch at some fish & chips cafe. Loved it! 

The drive back to Redland Bay was a long one. Reached back only in the evening.

The next day, we left for Movie World and spent the whole day there. The last time I was here was when I was 6/7. It's literally been 10 years, it's crazy! Now it's Damien's turn. He's 7 this year. 

My first ever roller coaster ride was this Scooby Doo one. Rode it again with my mom!

Damien dragged and encouraged dad to sit on an amateur roller coaster with him haha! This is literally his second time on a roller coaster. The first time was with my mom on their honeymoon! Dad's usually behind the camera and with the bags :p

Sunnies : Stall in Australia / Romper : Showpo / Bracelet : Modern Minimalist 

After spending the whole day in Movie World, we went back to prepare dinner for the family.

The next day, we headed to Sea World.

I enjoyed Sea World more than Movie World surprisingly. I enjoyed interacting with the animals and also the amazing dolphin show. 

There were a few rides in Sea World but I only went on a few exciting ones. Didn't have any pictures taken tho. 

After Sea World, we headed to Surfer's Paradise since it was nearby.

Shirt : Cotton On / Bikini : Triangl / Bracelet : Lokai
Went for a swim and played some frisbee with my mom & brother while watching the sunset.

After sunset, we were asked to leave the beach by the lifeguards. My family & I then went around trying to look for an Asian restaurant but failed miserably. We ended up at MCD...zzz

The next morning, we headed to Sunnybank (Asian Town) because my grandma desperately misses food back at home.

Food was pretty good. I must admit I kinda missed Chinese food as well. 

After my grandma's satisfying lunch, we left for Gold Coast. We had a river cruise to board and some sightseeing to do.

The river cruise wasn't as nice as the one I experienced in London. This wasn't the main river in the city. The only attractions were nice houses by the bay that costs a minimum of 6 million AUD. Tea wasn't exactly proper either. It was just self service packed crackers, dips and coffee/tea from sachets. Not complaining but it wasn't exactly worth it. 

Sunnies : H&M / Top : Chatuchak Market in Bangkok / Skorts : H&M / Bag : Topshop / Bracelet : Thomas Sabo 

After the river cruise, we left for Brisbane port and had street food at Eat Street Market for dinner.

Inspired by Asian markets but even better. They converted shipping containers into little food stalls. A ton of international & unique foodies are available in Eat Street Market. Live entrainment is available as well. It was slightly pricey but it's not our typical pasar malam/hawker so it's expected :p

I didn't manage to take a lot of photos because it started raining but nevertheless, I enjoyed my various meals there. 

The next morning, we left for Westfield, Carindale to have dim sum with my parent's friends for the last time. The restaurant was called Yum Cha and it was really popular. GO CHINESE!!!

Food was delicious and portions were big!

Damien definitely has a crush on Megan. Parent's friends' youngest daughter. 

I did some last minute shopping and got some souvenirs for my friends. 

Got this Halter Turtle Neck Knit Top from Ally Boutique. 

My cousins are literally 80% all over the world, eurasian and Damien's age. I feel like everyone's aunty more like anything else. Oh wells, age gap probs. Nevertheless, I had fun with the little ones even though they were way too energetic for me to keep up. 

Spent the last morning going to Woolworths, Coles & K-Mart to stock up before heading back to KL.

Love this pair of joggers! Saw the exact same one from H&M for RM60-80? Got the exact same pair at 12AUD only! 

This was highly recommended by Hannah & the sales assistant in store so I decided to give it a try. It's supposed to be a really good AU NATUREL ointment!

Bought a ton of healthy goodies for the next few meals in school. I'm excited! 

Bought this really cute lunchbox from Smiggle as well. Can't wait to bring home cooked meals to school. SO DONE WITH SCHOOL FOOD. 

Left for the airport at 5pm. Returned the car and boarded the plane at 11pm. En Route to SG! Transited and then headed back to KL. 


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