Saturday, 24 January 2015

Digi Rebranding Shoot

Last year end, I did a shoot with Digi for one of their corporate videos. The outcome was lovely, not to mention I had a great time filming with the others. I have been waiting to post some behind the scenes photos for quite awhile now, but I wasn't allowed to release it until the video was out haha! Anyways, FINALLLY!

Tiring & freaking hot but nevertheless, I love my freelance job :p


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Style It : Culottes

Culottes are all over the place nowadays and I'm in love! I recently nabbed myself a pair of artsy fartsy abstract culottes from Monki and I think it's THE most comfortable statement piece any girl could ask for. Culottes used to be a part of the men's section in the early 19th century and now they're essential to every girl's wardrobe! Talk about feminism...

Anyways, there are all types of culottes from long to midi. Midi has recently grown on me and I think the length makes a lady look super classy. Culottes also comes in all kinds of prints, from basic to loud. I chose a loud print because I decided to take a step back from my safe zone. Nevertheless, whichever culottes you decide to nab, it's crazy versatile.

I paired it with a plain black off shoulder cropped top, dad's watch & a pair of platform sandals. I decided to pair it with all black to make the pants stand out even more than it already does. The outfit is not only eye catching but super comfy as well. Taking a fashionable twist of casual Sundays' haha! Switch it up a little and you're good to go on a fancy date night or party with the girls. Playing with statement pieces never gets old! 

Bottom : Monki
Belt : Unmasqued
Watch : Matthey Tissot (Dad's)
Shoes : Agape Boutique

Hair & make up by : Me
Photography by : Dad
Edited by : Me


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Vida Glow | 100% Natural Marine Collagen

As a kid, seeing my mom take all kinds of supplements always resulted in me questioning why she even needed it. But as I got older, I realised the importance of taking care of my body & mind. I learned that having a balanced diet & lifestyle were vital and that I needed to take baby steps everyday to maintain myself towards a healthier future. 

My hair & skin have always been one of my priority. I think that people generally take more of an interest in you if you have that healthy glow on your face. It shows on your glowing skin & silky hair how much effort you take to love & groom yourself inside out. A while ago, I was contacted by Vida Glow to review their product as one of their ambassadors. I was thrilled to give it a try and here's what I have to say about it. 

"Vida Glow is a 100% natural marine collagen supplement. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, amounting up to 70%. Until our mid 20s, our body naturally produces collagen. As this production slows and eventually stops completely, we begin to see the effects of ageing. Replenishing collagen levels will help increase the building blocks that maintain our hair, skin & nails."


Vida Glow Marine Collagen is a fibrous protein extracted from the scale of salt-water fish. Marine collagen can be derived from fish scale or skin, Vida Glow uses the scale, as this is richer in nutrients and collagen protein. Japanese women have used marine collagen as secret weapon for a youthful radiance for many years. Studies showing the benefits of taking marine collagen are plentiful.

Vida Glow will work from the inside out to rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix. Consuming Vida Glow on a daily basis results in firmer and more hydrated skin. Marine Collagen can also be helpful for those suffering from skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. As collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, it also affects your joints, hair and nails. Vida Glow can even be used for the improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

As it is completely tasteless & odourless, you can include it into almost anything you choose to. The possibilities are endless! I usually add a sachet to my bowl of cereal, soup, cup of warm Milo or tea. 

Being a 100% natural product it completely safe to take on a daily basis. In fact you’ll see much faster and better results by including it into your daily routine. 

It's suitable for anyone above the age of 15. I'm 17 this year and already considering myself late in pursuit of healthier skin & hair *yikes*.

Honest opinions : I definitely see the change in my hair, skin & nails. My hair is starting to grow faster and my hair fall problem has slowly decreased. My skin is less scaly now and my nails are definitely less brittle. I'm glad I was given a chance to give this product a try, I definitely recommend!

For more info, you can head on over to their website or FAQ page :)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year, New Wardrobe!

Hey loves, I'm clearing out my cramped closet by selling some of my brand new/pre-loved clothing  & goodies on Carousell. Hit me up if you're interested in my babies! They're in perfectly good condition and in need of a new owner. You can either send me a private message/direct message/tweet via Carousell / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram if you're interested. 


Thursday, 1 January 2015


First of all, I 'd like to wish everyone who's reading this a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wanted to do a summary of 2014 like how I did for 2013 buuuuuuuuut...

I got lazy.

But if I could describe it in a would basically be as shown below...HAHAHHA 

Anyways, everything interesting that happened in 2014 had been documented in this personal space of mine so...if you're interested, just head to the archives.

Secondly, my condolences to those who didn't make it to 2015. You're in a better place now. Rest in peace.

Lastly, how I spent my NYE :) hehe. I finally got to spend NYE with Sheng Wei. He missed the first NYE with me because he was in Japan zzz. Anyways, we headed to Curve thinking that there might be a celebration going on buuuut was SO empty. I heard it was because they cancelled the fireworks. Since we were already there, we had dinner at Goodsaltz.

My favourite Aglio Olio to date is from Goodsaltz  
Sheng Wei had their carbonara, it was alright...not a fan of creamy food.

After dinner, we decided to head over to DPC for fireworks since you obviously can't do NYE without fireworks. 

Half of the state's population is here btw.
It was crazy crowded!

 Walked around and headed to The Social for a drink. We waited at The Social till the last minute of 2014 because we didn't want to squeeze with the crowd.

New Year's Eve well spent with my main. Got my New Year's kiss ;) haha! Hoping for a great year ahead. So much to do, so little time. Will try to make the best out of every moment and opportunity thrown at me *whoop*! 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Bracelet Must Haves!


Accessories are one among the few key items which women use to dress up their outfits without having to spend much money, time & effort. Among the many choices of accessories available, the best one that could transform your whole outfit are bracelets. There are A TON of designs available in the market which women can choose from depending on their personal taste. However, the 3 bracelet must haves will never go out of style. 

The first bracelet must haves in every woman's jewellery collection at home is the stainless steel silver bracelet. Silver bracelets are versatile for women to wear with anything. Style it with a casual tee, a cute skater dress or even traditional wear. The simple & sleek design of a silver bracelet is perfect to flaunt at any occasion without ever ruining your outfit!

The second bracelet must haves for any woman to own is a nice charm bracelet. The best thing about charm bracelets is that they are made to be customized according to your taste. Women can select the charms for your bracelet according to what represents your interest and passion. There are a wide range of charms available so you never have to worry about missing a charm out!

Lastly, the third bracelet must haves is suitable for the ladies who want to add some attitude to their outfits. Statement bracelets are designed to give women that extra boost of confidence to lead their day with elegance and sophistication. The statement bracelets have that certain jazz to it that can turn a plain & simple outfit into a dazzling one effortlessly! 

Now, good news for the ladies who can't wait to add these 3 bracelet must haves into their collection, you can check out ZALORA MY for their wide selection of bracelets online for women from various local and international brands
For first timers on ZALORA MY, redeem a RM20 voucher for yourself when you subscribe to their newsletter!
Head over to now! 

photo credits to : Nicole Lim (@jesuistigerlily on Instagram) 


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Malaysia East Coast Flood Relief

Hey guys, if you're local then I'm sure you've heard of the recent tragedies that has been happening in the country. East coast is completely flooded and in need of aid. A few days ago, my family & I went to help out the charity drive at Tesco Ara Damansara. We bought necessities and donated them to the charity drive. We volunteered to help sort & pack the items into boxes as well. From what I heard, they are in need of volunteers to help sort & pack as there are just way too many items to be handled. If you're free & willing, do take your time off to volunteer. You can always give the official Tesco hotline a call 1300-13-1313 or email for more info. 

Besides volunteering, I decided it'd be a good idea to put HLG Atelier to more good use. I heard on the radio that they are in need of fully charged power banks as the floods have caused major power outages in the emergency zones. The flood victims and rescue teams are in need of backup power to charge their mobile devices to facilitate the rescue efforts. HLG Atelier is planning to support the donation drive of fully charged 10000MAH power banks with your help. If you're willing, head over to to purchase. During checkout, make sure to quote "EAST COAST FLOOD RELIEF" in the comment space provided so that we can acknowledge that it is for donation. After we have collected all the power banks that have been donated, we will then donate it all together on Friday (2/1/2015) evening to 8Share flood relief collection centre.

8Share official notice 

  • We will only donate power banks that have been paid for. If you have placed an order, you are to make payment anytime before Friday (2/1/2015) 3pm. Payments that do not make it in time will be cancelled. 
  • We will not be doing CBD/COD for this event. All power banks are to be paid either via credit/debit card or bank transfer. 
  • Checking out can be quite confusing. When selecting a shipping method, please select any options from PICKUP FROM STORE. It will be FOC and understandable. 
  • Zero profits will be gained from this promotion.

If you plan to go solo on contributing to this flood relief. Here's how you can help (refer to link provided) > 

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