Thursday, 18 September 2014


Hello, I've been updating my blog so frequently that I'm starting to feel as if it was a bad thing...Anyways, recently I was introduced to an aspiring photographer called Keen Meng that wanted do a shoot with Sheng Wei & I. It was definitely something different because for once (referring to this year only), I wasn't going to be a fairy princess lost in the woods of some sort for my shoot haha! (not implying I disliked my previous shoots but, I was just pretty stoked it was out of the norm)

Loved the photos overall! Would like to thank Keen Meng & his cutesy assistant, Wei Jean. The photos turned out adorable. It was a pleasure working with the both of you x 

Selfie before the day ended (^_<)

Check out Keen Meng's Instagram : @keenmengtay on Instagram 
(Top : Tobi / Bottom : H&M / Dress : American Eagle (available on / Necklace : Bausch K / Bracelet : Lokai)


Monday, 15 September 2014

SMK BU3 Charity Concert

Hello, CONCEPT recently performed for SMK BU3's charity concert. Check out the full performance below! x


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lokai ; Stay Humble, Stay Hopeful

Last week, I received my birthday present from Edison (a bracelet which I absolutely love). He got me a Lokai bracelet online and had it shipped to my place. If you haven't already seen it all over social platforms, here's the cool thing about Lokai bracelets...

  • it has a black bead that holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth
  • it also has a white bead that holds water from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth
The black bead symbolises hope. Even through life's lowest moments, stay hopeful. The white bead on the other hand, symbolises humbleness. On days where you feel on top of the world, don't forget to stay humble.

I absolutely love the meaning behind this bracelet (even tho it might just be a really kick-ass marketing gimmick) :p Anyways, if you ask me how I feel overall after wearing it...I can honestly say that it doesn't make much of a difference. I wear it every now and then as a physical reminder on days where I need that extra boost, but other than that I find it pretty cutesy too haha! 

Head over to their site to find out more : myLokai x


Saturday, 13 September 2014

[Behind The Scenes] KainByAin

Last week, I had the opportunity to model for the oh-so-talented Nurul Ain Idris 's new line, KainByAin. Her style takes a modern twist on traditional local wear and I'm absolutely loving it! Can't wait for the official launch, I'm basically just waiting to spend my savings on her amazing new collection! 

Here are some photos of what went on during the shoot. The pictures are quite blury tho...

Had tons of fun dressing up & down for this shoot. Loved the whole concept and the outfits were beautifully designed <3 Don't forget to check Nurul's site out for updates! x


Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Hello there, just a little something I need to get off my chest  so bear with me if you're reading this. I was thrown into a situation recently, and I've been doing some self evaluation & observation these few days, just trying my best to find an answer/solution. So here goes. Tell me what you think about it after. I would love to know. 

I find it so ironic that us as humans expect so much from others that we don't realise how most of the time, other people feel the same towards us too. We expect the people around us to always know what we want because we often have this mindset that they SHOULD know. All because they spend an ample amount of time with us, we feel as if they should have paid enough attention to know exactly what we expect from them at times of need without having to speak up. Thing is, I can't promise anyone who knows me to understand how they feel when they need me to, so why do I have such high expectations towards the people around me? Don't you think we as human beings are equally dysfunctional more than 50% of the time?

The thing is, we are all equally confused. We are all equally fickle minded when it comes to things like these. We honestly don't know what we want most of the time but we expect others to. I (we) don't have a solution for this problem because we're basically just being confused human beings. I know how it feels letting others down and simultaneously feeling let down. Bottom line is, that we need to stop expecting because it never will tally with our expectations. We're constantly setting ourselves up for disappointment and we don't realise it. We get so mad & sad all the time because things don't turn out the way we hoped it would or should have been. We don't always get what we want but that's life. It has its ups & downs but we make it through anyway. It's bearable and I hope this short note of mine helps you in the near future. Think twice before reacting, adjust and amend what you can. It's not that hard once you've got the base down.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mr & Ms, Ara Damansa

It's been awhile since I've had my last cafe adventure, my usual companions would either be busy or transport-less *sigh*. Thankfully, mommy dearest decided to bring me to Mr & Ms in Oasis Square, Ara Damansara one fine noon for lunch.

I love the chilled ambiance they had going on in the cafe. Perfect for a quiet afternoon with good company.

i LUHHVV this 
no kidding, best Seafood Aglio Olio I've ever tasted. The big ass fresh water prawn got me hooked af. 

As for this...not so. I like my burgers unique and this was pretty normal. Tasted like something I would have been able to pull out of the kitchen in 10 minutes, tops. 

I didn't get to try much because there was only two of us eating and we don't exactly have the biggest appetite. I'm looking forward to going back, missing the pasta x129389804832 and I'd definitely love to try something else off the menu this time.


Spontaneous Day Out

Hello there! I decided to write about a really spontaneous and fun date I had with Sheng Wei last week. He picked me up after my school's Merdeka Carnival and we decided to go to Empire Damansara to try the widely promoted Boat Noodles by people I've been following on social platforms. 

Empire Damansara is an up and coming foodie area. It has the ever so popular hipster vibe to it and the cafes built in. Boat Noodles originated from Thailand and is probably really common if you have it there. I'm guessing some genius decided to bring it in locally and made it a really hipster thing that is Instagram worthy so no one from this generation can resist haha! 

4 choices of classic Thai noodles to choose from, what's your pick? 

As you can see, the bowl of noodles only consists of a spoonful or two of noodles. That explains the amount of bowls we stacked up above ^ Noodles were good but after awhile, it was pretty hard for me to differentiate the noodles but overall it was tasty. 

The only dessert on the menu. Average I say, tasted like the Malay kuih with green and white layers of coconut & pandan kaya in a cute saucer pan...

After lunch, we (I) decided to drag my beau to get a pedicure done together haha! If you haven't already know, I love dragging him to do all kinds of dumb shit with me for the fun of it :p Anyways, his first time and it was hilarious. I paid for his "manly pedicure" at The Nail Parlour (the usual nail parlour I go to). My basic pedicure cost about RM50, whereas his one cost about RM70. OH MEN...*rolls eyes*

Enjoying his "wtf is this" face hahah!

He agreed it was relaxing but quite a waste of money haha but it's not like we pamper ourselves 24/7 so what's a little splurge once in awhile? 


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