Friday, 8 May 2015

[HLG ATELIER] We've Upgraded!

It's been a while since I last updated or even talked about my online shopping site - HLG ATELIER. I spent a few months on a hiatus thinking of ways to make shopping on HLG Atelier a more fulfilling & enjoyable one. I realised I lacked variety and creativity therefore I decided to pause for a while to see what I was able to do about it. The idea sparked when I was contacted by a few Malaysians living outside of Malaysia a while ago telling me how they'd like to purchase my products. Thing was, I had no plans of going international then. I gave myself a long time to think about what exactly I wanted HLG Atelier to be and I finally got it. I wanted it to be an international marketplace that featured unique up & coming international brands & products.

I moved from one e-commerce platform to another and redesigned the whole structure of how I wanted my site to be. I've imported a variety of brands from all over the world and also uniquely designed products that can only be found on my online shopping site. The price of the products have definitely went up by a few percentage but so did the quality of the goods.

Even though it has been 2 years+ since I've been doing this, it still feels like the beginning. There's definitely more to come and more changes to be made. In the mean time, I really hope that you guys enjoy what I have put up. Your support means everything to me and it keeps me going so please don't stop! Lots of love, x. 


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