Sunday, 12 January 2014

See The World Through My Eyes : Malaysia, Cameron Highlands 14'

During the weekends, my family & I decided to head up to Cameron Highlands for a short getaway. The drive up was horrible, I absolutely hate swirly roads, I get car sick way too easily from that. We left for Cameron on Friday morning and arrived in the late afternoon. My family & I stayed in Cameron Highlands Resort boutique hotel which was absolutely beautiful. It had the most classic English ambience and the best service a guest could ever ask for. 

 I fell in love with the place instantly! Not to mention the weather was perfect too! 

Ohana <3 
consisting of my dad, mom, brother, grandma, grand uncle, grand aunt & I 
family road trip gang 

Had a short break before dinner. We headed to one of the nearby coffee shops to have the famous & traditional charcoal steamboat. It was perfect for the chilly weather because this time, instead of sweating it out like most of us in the city do while having steamboat, we get to warm up and actually enjoy the food.

Since there is no possible way to control the fire for traditional steamboat, you cover the so called chimney thing on top to lower the temperature. Food was good, I might have gained a few kgs because of that mehhhh ~

The next morning, breakfast at The Dining Room. While walking there, pictures duh obviously.

Breakfast was super fulfilling, ate so much I had to change out of my skirt because the buttons felt like it was gonna pop open anytime soon :( 

Necklace : Treasure Box / Top : F21 / Skirt : Cotton On / Shoes : Agape Boutique 

After breakfast, we headed to some farms for a short visit. 

 Had a short fun visit to the Strawberry, Butterhead & Cactus Farm. Bought some strawberries & plants. 

Headed to the BOH the plantation for tea (obviously) and a short visit to the factory. 

Dad & I decided to be all "jakun" and tourist like :p

Had tea at the tea house after touring around the place. 

The flower is called Angel's Trumpet, deceiving name as it is apparently poisonous.

Headed to the Bee Farm after but unfortunately it was raining so didn't get to see much.

Local honey oranges, apple & strawberry flavoured guava! 

After we headed back to the hotel, we had afternoon tea. 

 Afternoon tea was fulfilling. Ambience was perfect and food was just right.

Hat : Grandma's / Top : Morgan de Toi / Skirt : Small shop in Tropicana City Mall / Shoes : Agape Boutique 

Headed to the gym after with mom & Damien tagging along. I couldn't stand not working out after eating so much food!

Had fun and a great short workout on the bicycle & treadmill. Honestly loved the gym, it was fully equipped and they even prepared towels & bottled water for us on each station. 

Had dinner in one of the coffee shops nearby, dishes were cheap and delicious. 

The hotel at night, all lit up. 

Once again, breakfast at The Dining Room and we headed back to KL. 

Damien being the properly dressed Asian boy that he is, having English breakfast, showing you how it's done. 

And we're off! Adieu x

Boys & their toys (wait, that's my camera…)

Stopped for lunch at Bidor, had the famous duck noodle around that town. 

Had an amazing and really short getaway. Enjoyed most of it except going up and coming down the damn mountain. I hate getting carsick so thank god it's over. Loved the weather up there, the fresh air too! Loved my stay at the resort, completely worth it and I would totally recommend it. Well, guess my short vacation has come to an end, sad to say, back to reality (back to school) :( 

Photo credits to : daddy, mommy & Damien 

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