Thursday, 27 March 2014


It started off with how much a certain guy meant to me that got me thinking that since his 18th birthday was coming up, what better than a surprise party? It didn't take me long to plan and have a clear idea on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to surprise him.

So basically, his friends & I teamed up and managed to make his 18th birthday a memorable one...

I chose Merdekarya because my plan A was supposed to be sort of like an open mic surprise but it failed due to certain reasons...but, thankfully I had a plan B which was renting the space downstairs for the grungiest BBQ ever...

His friends got him all sorts of things, including a box of cockroaches...

I'm glad he had a good time with his friends, not the fanciest surprise party but I managed to make someone tear so ;) it was a success! 

The best cakes are made by Beatrice Leong
got her to make Sheng Wei's birthday cake, took forever to convince... 

All in all, I love you and I'm glad you had a memorable 18th birthday 
**oops, sorry for the photobooth spam


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