Friday, 1 August 2014

Step Up : All In [Movie Premiere]

I was invited by Churp Churp Malaysia to the #churpremiere of Step Up : All In at KLCC last night. Was pretty excited because I've been following all the Step Up movies ever since the first one came out. I got my mom to be my movie buddy because #soulsistas. 

We had dinner at Melur & Thyme in KLCC. 

Mushroom Soup

Mozerella & Salami Baguette 
(i honestly couldn't find the mozzarella in this one...)

Grilled Herbed Chicken
(they served me dried broccoli and cauliflower with tons of black dots on it the first time, got them to change it but still didn't look appetising)

The meal was o.k...I honestly expected more because I guess the ambiance was quite deceiving...The appetisers were not bad but the mains were pretty much below average. They didn't have a lot of choices to their mains but a hell lot for tapas, which is most probably their selling point. I didn't try any of their tapas tho, would probably head back once more just to try their tapas and see if it's any better.

Banana Nutella Mille Crepe Cake

And because I am a fat ass, I went ahead to the food court and grabbed a mille crepe cake from Humble Beginnings. It was honestly quite good. It wasn't too sweet or disgustingly creamy at all. It was surprisingly just nice and it wasn't too filling. 

Step Up never fails to amaze me + it gets better each freaking sequel! Loving it overall but it was pretty pissing off when they cut out one of the scenes that wasn't at all sexual or violent!!! It was honestly just a slightly promiscuous dance...but it's dance...and they left the loud ass swearing in one of the scenes...I DON'T GET IT :( #sad

All in all, Step Up is a must watch because it was reaaallly good! Would like to thank Churp Churp Malaysia for the invite :)

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