Sunday, 27 April 2014

17 Malaysia Summer Spread

A few months ago, Alisa & I did a 17 Magazine Malaysia Summer Spread shoot. The person in charge told me I could bring a friend if I wanted to so I decided to take Alisa with me. 

We got up early and headed to Blu Inc Media (their head office), did our hair & make up and headed out with the crew to iCity. 


basically us before getting all dolled up...

nails, make up & hair done 

before we left, obligated to do this

 accessed iCity with this

 the amount of things they brought for the shoot, literally a whole wardrobe! 

two of my outfits, loved how Jasmine (the stylist) styled it
tho wearing this on a daily basis would result in weird stares...

some of the looks I got dolled up in 

you don't expect us to not do anything while waiting around right...

final shot, had the most fun doing this with Alisa 

All in all, day well spent and it was definitely a great experience. Grateful to Jasmine from 17 who gave us the opportunity. we did the shoot in February or so and the spread it finally out!

17 Malaysia, May issue 2014

So here's the outcome :

Honestly had so much fun, second time on 17 and still so thankful! 
P.S. Don't forget to grab a copy of this months issue ;) 


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  1. Hi girl! May I know how you join this magazine photoshooting ?


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