Thursday, 16 October 2014

Style It : Arm-Slit Cocktail Dress

I barely see arm-slit dresses in the market nowadays so I decided to bring it in to sell on HLG Atelier. I love this royal blue. I think it goes really well with the design of the dress. It is simple yet elegant and doesn't take much styling to make one stop and stare. I paired it with one of my favorite gold chain statement necklace and black platform heels. This cocktail dress is a show stopper and is perfect for formal social events. It comes in black & white too if you think monochrome is more suited to your style.

Arm-slit dresses in general are hard to find but if you're lucky you may find them in the usual FOREVER21, ZARA, TOPSHOP etc. I personally prefer plain and print-less cocktail dresses but if you're looking for some prints to make things more interesting, I've seen some in stores so explore a little before you get it.

Dress : HLG Atelier 
Necklace : HLG Atelier 
Shoes : Bershka

Hair & make up by : Me
Photography : Nadiah Ramli
Edited by : Nadiah Ramli & I 


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